Chris Wang on Reuters TV: Investors look through COVID wave

On Friday afternoon, I had the pleasure of returning to Reuters TV to have a quick conversation with anchor Fred Katayama (@Freddiethekat). We discuss the surprising drop in consumer sentiment and why investors appear to be looking through the current Delta COVID wave. Corporate earnings remain extremely strong and with vaccination rates high in the US, this COVID wave should be shorter lived.

GameStop (GME) Goes to the Moon

The GameStop news is out. If you didn't know GME before, now you do. The stock price has gone parabolic with a short squeeze and no fundamentals.

Well, that's the story widely being circulated, but there's more to it in our opinion.

New Market Highs and Rising Risks in the New Normal

Recall back to March when everything in the New York tri-state area closed in order to slow the spread of corona virus. Outside of New York, your timeline may have been different but the experience is likely the same. We stayed home. Kids learned remotely. The economy slumped. Jobless claims skyrocketed. Uncertainty was the only thing certain. This week, the S&P 500 hit a new highs. Wait, what?!

Turning Concentration into Diversification with an Exchange Fund

With stocks trading at all-time highs, many investors are sitting on significant capital gains and may have positions that become untradable because of the potential tax implications. Whether the stock has appreciated over many years or accumulated as a company executive, dealing with a stock with a huge unrealized gain can become a good problem to have.

Commission-Free Trades and What It All Means

On October 1, Charles Schwab & Co. surprised the world by announcing that it would eliminate commissions for online trading of U.S. stocks, exchange-traded funds, and options trading. Trading costs were previously $4.95 and went to zero on October 7th. Company Chairman and Founder, Charles Schwab announced on CNBC, "We have a great deal for investors. You can buy and sell stocks for no commission."

Interactive Brokers Group Inc. had launched its free product in September, and rivals TD Ameritrade Holding Corp., and E*Trade Financial Corp. have quickly followed. Fidelity Investments announced that as of this morning, it stopped charging individual investors commissions. For investment advisers, commissions will be cut to zero on November 4th.

Are you about to lose your Facebook and Google exposure? The sector shuffle explained

In a couple of months, drastic sector changes are coming to the S&P and MSCI indices which have potential implications to your investment portfolio. Some of the biggest names in tech, Netflix, Facebook, Google and others are changing sector classifications and if you aren't aware then it could have a major impact on your investment portfolio. Morgan Stanley has called the upcoming realignment "unprecedented" noting that there has only been one similar kind of sector change in the history of industry indexes when the real-estate sector was spun out of the financial group. This is different in that it is shifting some of the largest companies to a new sector called communication services.

US stocks outpacing international again in 2018

Heading into 2018, I listened to many strategy calls from the leading Wall Street players and the consensus view was pounding the table on international stocks over US stocks. Their call was in favor of international because of cheaper valuations and long-term under-performance. This didn't sit well with me. Sure valuation is cheaper but there is a reason for it. The European economy has been recovering from significant issues with a deep Greek recession, the surprise Brexit, and Deutsche Bank whose stock is trading below its crisis 2009 low. Just this week, the ECB cut their growth forecasts and announced they will keep rates at record lows for at least another year.

Visual of the World's Money and Markets [infographic]

Today, when you hear people talk about money, from politicians to central bankers, there are a lot of zeros involved. Hundreds, Thousands, Millions, Billions, Trillions... do you know what comes next? Quadrillions.

Rather than look at a single overwhelming number, you can get a better feel by starting with a familiar reference point and then doing a relative comparison. For global asset classes, it does not get much clearer than this infographic created by Jeff Desjardins of the Visual Capitalist.

An epic infographic explaining Alibaba

In a recent US poll, 88% of respondents said that they had never heard of Alibaba. If you are one of those who don't know the Chinese e-commerce giant, then you can have a quick primer with this epic infographic from Here are a few interesting facts before you dive in:

  • Alibaba has a market capitalization of $511 billion as of 3/16/18, just a hair less than Facebook's $535 billion.
  • Alibaba has 528 million mobile active users.
  • Interestingly 11.1% of Alibaba's visitors are from the US.
  • CEO/Founder Jack Ma set up Alibaba with $60k that he borrowed from 18 people. At the end of 2017, the company employed over 50,000 people.
  • The company sold over $25 billion in just one day on Singles Day.

Time to invest in a generator (stock)?

The northeast has had a brutal last couple of weeks. Yesterday we saw a third nor'easter bring more snow to the area. The first had wind gusts of 50mph and knocked power out at our office for a week. The second brought close to 2 feet of snow and took down many trees and power lines. Many homes in my area were without power for 5+ days. I was one of the unlucky ones losing power on Wednesday night. Temperatures in my house dropped steadily down to a low of 46 degrees by day 3. The food in the refrigerator was a lost cause but the biggest worry was freezing pipes causing significant damage. Three of my surrounding neighbors had full-house generators and I'm sure many people that lived without power are now seriously considering installing one even at the cost of $8-10k.


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